Henderson Veterinary Associates, Ltd.             

HVA Services


HVA Services:


  • 24 Hour Emergency Service:

                   - Pager system that contacts the doctor on call directly 
1-866-825-0218 ER pager number

  • Ambulatory Services:

                            - 4 Veterinarian practice
                     - Fully equipped mobile units for stall side care
                     - Digital Radiography   
                     - Ultrasonography
                     - Thermal Imaging

  •  In House Primary Care facility:

                    -Fluid therapy
                    -Extensive wound management
                    -Minor Surgery (routine castrations, ophthalmic 
                    -Monitoring of at risk mares
                    -Treatment of sick or injured foals
                    -Routine Diagnostic Procedures
                                -Critical care
                                -Routine blood work 
                                -Digital Radiography
                                -Thermal Imaging
                    -Video Surveillance
                    -Prepurchase evaluations

                    -Lameness evaluations
                    -Fecal Egg Counts

  • In House Farrier service:

                        -Working with staff Veterinarians for corrective shoeing 
                        -Lameness therapy aided by Digital Radiography

  • Preventive Medicine:

                       -Vaccinations (click below to view and print guidelines)
                                -Foal Guidelines (from AAEP)
                                -Adult Horse Guidelines (from AAEP)
                       -Deworming Programs (click below to view and print recommendations)                                
-Adult Horse deworming recommendations
                                -Foal deworming recommendations
                                -HVA printable deworming record
                                  -The Pfizer Challenge –A unique, interactive quiz to test your knowledge of internal parasites.
                       -Nutritional Consultations 
                       -Allergy Testing
                                -Routine and Corrective dental procedures
                                        -Dental FAQs with Dr. Jack Easley article-AAEP
                                -Hand Tools 
                                -Wolf Teeth Extractions
                       -Senior horse care


  • Reproduction:

                        -Breeding management
                        -Pregnancy diagnosis (Portable Ultrasounds)
                        -Expectant Mare evaluations
                        -Artificial Insemination with Fresh or Frozen semen
                        -Embryo transfer for both Equine and Bovine 
-Stallion collection and management
                        -Frozen Semen storage


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